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Next Race 7-11-20

 Next Race Saturday 7-11-20.

Gates @ 3pm
Sign up @ 3:30pm
Practice @ 5pm

This will be round #5 of Daniels Ridge MX’s 11 race spring/summer series.

  As you would expect we have written down some guidelines that we need to adhere to so we may help keep everyone safe.  


2019/2020 Fall/Winter Series Banquet

This series seems so long ago. That was the good ole days because boy has the world changed in the last few months. With that said we have all but lost hope of having an inside banquet for last seasons awards. We have been waiting on the hopes that we could but unfortunately I do not think we will be able to this year. I think the best option is to do a Sunday morning at Daniels Ridge MX (around 10:00am) before it gets real hot and then let everyone practice that afternoon. We will not charge for the practice and refund the money people have already sent in for the banquet because that money was to pay for the meal anyway. I know some people will have other places or races to go to that day so everyone will have the option to come by and pick their award and series pot money up at their convenience.
Ok. Here we go.
What: 2019/2020 Fall/Winter Series Banquet
When: Sunday July 12th.
Time: 10:00am
Place: Daniels Ridge MX
Fee: $0. Money already paid will be refunded that day.
Food: Nothing as of now. Volunteers are welcome to do it.
Practice: Free for series riders immediately after Banquet.
Bring your own chairs

General Information

SATURDAY RACE TIMES (Spring/Summer Series)

Gate Opens -3:00 pm

Sign-Up – 3:30 pm

Practice – 5:00 pm

Race – 6:00 pm

SUNDAY RACE TIMES (Fall/Winter Series)

Gate Opens -12:00 pm

Sign-Up – 12:30 pm

Practice – 1:30 pm

Race – 2:30 pm


Adult – $10.00

Ages 6-12: $5.00

Under 6 – FREE


Amateur – 1st class = $20,

2nd class = $15, 3rd class = $10

Pro – $25.00

100% Pro Payback


Every Thursday afternoon – 6pm – 9:30pm

50cc Riders – $10.00

Over 50cc – $15.00

Spectators – $3.00

Sorry No ATVs at this time


$5 per year


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