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Practice and Racing info

Just wanted to let everyone know what we at Daniels Ridge MX are currently doing about practice and racing. Life is just crazy lately and I know everyone reading this would rather be riding/racing or at the track watching family/friends but keeping our loved ones safe has to be top priority. I talked to the Alexander County Sheriff about 2 weeks ago and the following is what we can and are doing.

Practice – Honor system – Yes : This is for individual riders wanting to practice during our “off days”. Just stop by the blue ticket booth on the way into the track, go inside and have everyone with you sign a release form and drop us $15 a rider in the money box on the wall. Please no spinning in the grass/parking lot and if you use the restroom facilities please turn off the lights. No track prep. It is always best to call Dad (Richard 828-729-1745) or call/text/facebook me (Richie – 828-850-1421) to check on track conditions in case it is too muddy or dry/dusty.

Practice – Group Practice – Yes: Currently Thursday nights from 6pm until 9:30pm. Track is prepped to race conditions. Practices split according to turn out although usually Group #1 50/65, Group #2 85/Big Bike D (Beginners), Group #3 Big Bike ABC

Racing- Yes We will begin having races Saturday May 23rd with rules/guidelines to go by.

19/20 Fall/Winter Banquet – Not Yet – Man, this series seems a long time ago. We really want to have a banquet although we can not yet. We have been kicking around ideas but nothing beats the banquet at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center.

Thanks for everyone’s patience/understanding and keep safe, Richard and Richie

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