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Practice and Race schedule info for Saturdays race

Beginning Saturday (6-30-18) we will try a new practice schedule.
1st = 125cc to 450 cc (Big Bikes)
2nd = 85cc
3rd = 50cc and 65cc
4th = 125 to 450cc (Big bikes)
5th = 85cc
6th = 65cc
7th = 50cc
No make up practice

Race schedule
We will split the 50cc 7-8/50cc 4-6 classes into different races. As well as the 50cc Open/50cc Pee Wee classes into different races.
As of now with the riders we are getting there is a lot of speed difference between the faster and slower riders in the 50cc classes and passing safely has became an issue. This should help with some issues we have been having in the 50cc races but parents please talk to your riders about passing and also adhering to the caution flags and downed riders when we do have an accident on the track.

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